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Why Digital

There are several reasons why digital labels may be the correct fit for you.

Does your business purchase many label sorts over a large range?

– Digital is perfect if you often purchase multiple runs of different labels. Fast make ready times takes even the most complex run simple, reducing your costs.

Do you spend too much on printing plates?

– Digital is a plate free technology, so there are no plate costs whatsoever – regardless of the number of sorts or complexity of the job.

Do you often need to buy longer runs than you need, just to get the price down?

– We have no minimum order quantity and you will not pay an artificially premium for a short run.

Do you need to hold more stock than you would like?

– Moving to digital can offer you just in time ordering for your immediate production needs, so there is no need for you to carry an excessive inventory.

Are you frustrated by long lead times?

– Our delivery time is typically between 3-4 working days, but we can normally accommodate emergency orders.

Do you know your labels are going to be “one-off’s”?

– No printing plates or minimum order quantities means ordering labels for one time only event is now viable.

Are your requirements promotional or seasonal?

– The flexibility of digital means you no longer have to commit to larger quantities then you actually need.

Do you offer private labels for your clients?

– You can now offer your customers a completely bespoke, tailored own brand service, with all of the associated digital benefits.

Do you need press proofs or prototype runs?

– Traditional label printing methods mean you very rarely get to see what you are buying before it arrives. The digital solution includes the ability to produce a full press proof or small prototype run, using your artwork, printed on the actual substrate the job will be on. We can also offer full finishing on the proofs, including gloss or matt varnishes and laminations.

Are you a small or startup business?

– The option of ordering very short runs without origination costs is perfect to test the market.

Do you have a need for variable or personalized information?

– Variable and sequential can easily be catered for, and just in black. Every single label could be completely different, be it a barcode, promotional code or photograph.

Do you have problems with poor quality on complex decorative labels?

– Traditional printing methods often cause hard lines and registration issues on high quality label designs. The digital process eliminates these issues, offering outstanding clarity, accuracy and colour consistency.

Are your labels on different materials?

– We can print onto most substrates including papers, white or clear PP or PE, industrial vinyls, blockout substrates and security materials.

Do you order your labels regularly?

– We can set up a regular production slot for you in our weekly schedule, it’s the next best thing to having your own press!