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Digital Case Studies

Below are some examples of jobs where digital labels have been the answer. To keep up to date with our latest case studies go to http://www.labelservice.co.uk/blog

– A beverage company wanted to run an on pack promotion where their consumers could log onto a website, type in a code and claim a prize. A digitally printed peel and reveal label with a unique code was the solution.
– A cosmetics company had issues with minimum order quantities and high stock wastage with their constantly changing label range. Changing their labels from flexo to digital solved their problems.
– A mailing house wanted to send out personalised address labels to their client base. Rather than printing them all in house they had them digitally printed from their database onto A5 sheets with 20 inpidual die cut labels.
– A council wished to renew their contract for food hygiene double sided window stickers. They moved the work to digital, allowing them to order what they wanted, when they wanted.
– A promotions company had a requirement for several sorts of sticky labels for a childrens magazine, each one with glow in the dark ink. This was achieved with the latest digital technology.
– A small regional brewery wanted to launch a range of new beers, but without committing to a full production run. Digital labels from Labelservice were the answer, printed in full colour onto a white PP.
– A chemical company needed a short run of labels with a raised tactile warning label. Rather than buy the product labels and triangles separately, they saved money and time by ordering digitally printed labels with the tactile label in situ.
– A beauty products company wanted a short promotional run of scented labels to promote a new body butter range. The latest in digital finishing from Labelservice was the solution.
– A manufacturer had a requirement for their CMYK logo with an embossed image. Labelservice were able to help with a digitally printed label onto a gloss gold stock, adding the embossing to produce a stunning label.
– A hair gel manufacturer was launching a new product aimed at the traditional male barbers market. They needed a lid and a side label and also wanted to achieve a vintage look. Labelservice helped out with a two part label set, printed onto an antique cream stock with an additional matt laminate.
– A chemical product manufacturer was launching a range of scented cleaning products. They wanted several different sorts and also required a ‘no-label look’, as their products were being sold in clear HDPE bottles in order to show the colour of the liquid within. Labelservice helped with beautiful digital labels printed on clear on clear PP.
– A Electronic cigarette business won a large contract to export several flavours of E-Liquids to a new client. The downside was they needed to fulfill the order within a week. The label requirement was for 335,000 labels over 160 different label types. Labelservice were able to turn the order around and ship within 72 hours.
– An asset tracking company needed a quick turnaround of sequential barcodes to be stuck onto boilers. Labelservice printed the barcodes onto an industrial vinyl with an adhesive suitable for temperatures up to 160C
– A fragrance company was marketing a new product and wanted to use several different designs of window sticker to advertise their new range. Labelservice were able to help with some digitally printed self cling work.
– A water treatment company wanted a short run of full domed labels to brand their products. The latest digital presses fulfilled their requirements at a fraction of the cost of other technologies.
– A nutritions company wanted to rebrand their range of healthy shakes and came to Labelservice to design and print the new work. Our studio designed four different labels for each flavoured product, and they were printed in full colour onto a white PP. An additional gold foil was added at finishing stage to enhance the labels.
– A drinks promotions company wanted to launch a campaign where they could get their customers to enter their information onto a website in the hope of winning prizes. The labels needed to somehow wrap around branded stirrers and contain a unique code that could be entered onto the site. Labelservice designed and printed a peel and reveal label, with the unique code on the second layer. The base label featured an adhesive cured section, enabling the whole product to be wrapped around the stirrer and back onto itself.
– A clinical trials company wanted a way of tracking patient details. Each patient required a unique barcode, but they needed to be able to take labels off and apply them to various files at different stages of the process. Labelservice designed an 8 part label set, with a consecutive barcode printed onto each individual label.
– A retailer printed their price point labels in-house on a laser printer, but wanted to revitalize their customers shopping experience. They wanted professional labels over a multitude of sorts, but still retain the freedom of having whatever prices they wanted, when they wanted. Labelservice developed a system of regular printing and stock supply, giving the client superb looking labels as well as consistent supply.
– A promotions company regularly ordered scratch off labels on a silver vinyl, printed with a unique code with a scratch off panel over the top. They used a printer with a different technology, but a digital solution from Labelservice halved the cost.
– An events company had always given customers numbered car parking permits to their shows, but wanted a more cost effective solution. Numbered digital window stickers from Labelservice gave them a better looking product at a third of the cost.
– A tyre distributor had always had major problems finding an adhesive that would successfully adhere to their tyres. They also had issues with batch numbering, along with the changing EU directives for tyre labelling meaning the imagery was different on every label. Labelservice were not only able to supply labels on the correct adhesive, but also over 500 different batch numbers and 100 different label designs.
– A cosmetics manufacturer needed some multi sort, short run labels for their products. They currently printed them in house on an inkjet printer but were looking for something more professional, as well as on a material that was waterproof. Labelservice supplied over 20 different label designs and sizes, all printed on a high quality PP label, with an additional gloss laminate for protection.
– A promotions company used bottled water for various advertising and marketing campaigns. They had an ongoing need for up to 20 different labels every week and needed a maximum of a 72 hour turnaround. The latest digital print technology gave the customer the flexibility of print they needed, whilst we also set up a permanent bi-weekly production slot for them.