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The Impressive Digital Foiled Labels

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There’s nothing like a ‘glint’ to your label to bring consumer’s eyes to your product on the shelf. Labelservice can offer decorative foiling effects on all of the digital labels we supply.  We can cold or hot foil inline in dozens of different colours including gold and silver, giving a ‘quality’ feel to food, drinks, cosmetics, and homeopathy labels.

Hot Foil printing produces stunning metallic foil labels and stickers which help to capture the attention of consumers with their premium look and finish. The key to an impressive, refined label with a foil design is to be understated. You don’t want the foiling to over-power your brand. Sometimes less is best.

Of course, it will depend on your product and what your brand is trying to capture in the imagination of your customers. If your product is an everyday, simple product then foiling might not be the best on the label. If your product is for special occasions, such as candles or chocolate, or you are trying to portray your product as being refined and classy, then foiling on the label can be just the right thing to catch their attention and want your product on display in their home.

 It’s also important to make sure that other factors of your hot foil label are considered so as to best complement your application. For example, a clear label with silver foil and a matt finish may be much more effective at creating a premium ‘label-less’ look on a jar than using a label where foil has been printed onto a coloured paper background. Our team have lots of experience providing labels for a whole range of industries and applications and will be able to suggest a variety of options for you to pick from. We also offer embossed foiled labels for an even bigger draw. These types of labels draw the consumer to the product and then, when they see it is embossed, they will want to feel it. This leads to the consumer picking up your product from the shelf and enjoying a tactile sensation. Once your product is in the consumer’s hand, it will most likely be purchased. Speak to us today for all of the various ways you can use digital foil labels for your products.