Digital Printing is the Solution

Digital printing has quickly become a popular choice for printing product labels and stickers and there are plenty of good reasons for this including reduced cost, high-quality, quick turn-around and small batch capabilities. As you plan your new label designs, you should consider all the advantages of digitally printed pressure-sensitive labels.  Digital label printing takes […]

The Benefits of Textured Digital Labels

Labels are always changing and the label products we offer keep up with this demand for new ideas and innovations. Our customers change up their labels, even just a little, to keep their product relevant and fresh, and when they are launching a new brand or product they want a new look. That new look […]

We’ve Come a Long Way Since Gutenberg

From a technological standpoint, we’ve come a very long way since Gutenberg when it comes to publishing. Gutenberg’s creation of the printing press in 1440 is often considered one of the most important inventions of all time. The printing press opened the doors of rapid production and made possible the wide distribution of written materials […]

Digitally Printing Labels Saves You Money

Printing digitally makes sense – it’s the answer to having just in time labels when you need them without paying a high price for short runs or paying a lower price for label stock that may sit for a long period of time, rendering it useless. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that when the […]